Dear readers,

Sometimes, you just need a break. I know this is just a blog, so it may not be the most challenging thing in the world, but even still, I needed a break. So, I’m sorry for my absence, but thanks for sticking around anyway. 

In blogging daily, I’ve been finding it easier to express myself through writing, than through speaking.  Thank you for allowing me to tell you how I feel without being judgemental of my ideas. In our daily letters, I’ve learned more about how to find beauty in the simple things that make up someone or something. Thanks for helping me find that beauty. In writing to other people, I’ve come to understand more about my relationships with them. Thanks for reading all those boring details.

I started this blog in order to challenge myself. To give myself something to fill the time with, that might still help me grow. I believe I’ve done that, and after a week off, I’d like to try doing that again. It’s been an interesting experiment that I feel is paying off in one way or another, maybe just for me, but hopefully for you all as well. 

I’ve penned letters to people that have never been sent out, and in doing so, have discovered the importance of saying what you feel, even if the one you’re writing to, never hears it for themself. It was this idea that made me want to start this blog, the same concept, but in an open light for others to witness and grow from. I hope I’ve been able to do that for some of my readers, to give you a sense of togetherness in the things you’ve left unsaid. 

I am here to learn and grow, but also to show all who witness my letters, that it’s ok to talk about the way you’ve been affected by life. To embrace the ideas you’ve bottled up. To share the moments, however small, that changed the way you see yourself. 

Thanks for everything,



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