Dear Sara, 

With no H, cause H’s are EW!! 

Living a state away from a best friend is not ideal. I remember how easy it was when we lived in the same building, hanging out whenever without having to drive for hours. We’d go on latenight walks to get Mexican food at the place across the street, or take trips to critter cabana to see if they had any puppies to cuddle. I miss living so close, but I’m so happy for you, getting back to college to be an amazing vet someday.

Ours isn’t a typical best friendship, I don’t think we could answer those questions about each other every so called best friend should know. Like how old you were when you lost your first tooth, or who my first celebrity crush was..  answers to questions like those don’t make a best friend. Instead, you’re there to lean on when I need someone to talk to. And I sometimes get a feeling like I need to talk to you when you’re having a problem (like with that one stupid guy who shall remain nameless). All this distance between us might make it harder to stay connected, but I’d argue it’s completely worth all the trouble to be able to call you a friend. 

Our mutual love of Broadway musicals, Beauty and The Beast, and good strong coffee are just a few of the things we can agree on. When I first met you, we were in music theory, you displaying the same feeling of nervousness I had in performing that made up diddy in front of everyone, I just hid it better than you. I’ve never met someone who could go from quiet in one crowd to extremely confident in another, that is, until I met you. You possess a calm when you need to, but you easily obtain strength in situations where it’s called for. Within minutes of that first encounter, you were talking my ear off about how very awkward it all was. 

Between the trips down to Tacoma to see you, or the visits you’ve taken up here, we’ve tried to spend at least 3 trips every 6 months or so on each other. Meaning I don’t get to see you as often as I’d like, but in all honesty, we’ve spent most of our friendship this way, so I’m used to it. It’s nice having a friend who can also get along with Calvin’s side, Cody and Sky have tagged along on alot of our adventures, and it doesn’t feel out of place at all… I’m just glad you all get along well. Despite the fact that you displayed a side of your personality we don’t see much of, on one of those first encounters with them (ie, the cutters), you have made all the adventures we’ve taken together much more enjoyable. 

The pumpkin patch, ape caves, underground seattle, zoo, and others have made our trips more enjoyable… even if there were no elephants at the zoo (darn zoo, you had one job). I love our explorations of new places, and I look forward to the next big visit. But until then, I hope life in Oregon is going good for you, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life even through the distance. 

Love you and always miss you,



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