Dear troops, 

Memorial day is about remembering our fallen heros, the ones who lost their lives in the name of freedom. It’s a bittersweet thing to see so many flowers on those graves, or people at those monuments. There’s a sadness in the remembrance of those who passed, but an inspired joy in seeing someone honor these people. What breaks my heart though, is the truth that some will only respect their troops once they’re gone. 

Thank you to everyone who’s served, alive or otherwise… I don’t want to wait for Veterans Day to roll around before I say this. Every troop who is being remembered today was alive and well at one point, and every troop alive today will have passed in the years to come. So thank you, even though this isn’t ‘your day,’ thank you for doing the same as the ones we’re celebrating, and living through it all.

To the family’s of the fallen, this is a day of sorrow as well as celebration. I cannot even imagine how broken your heart must have been when you were given the news. Wives lost husbands, husbands lost wives. Children lost parents, parents lost children. Siblings lost siblings. Family lost family, but although they are gone, today is the day to remember them as the courageous people they were. Thank you for being there to support your loved ones while they were here, thank you for being a constant in their life. 

Today, some don’t understand respect. From memorials being grafettied, to funerals being picketed, there are some awful people out there who choose to go out of their way to disrespect those who sacrificed everything for them. I am sorry for their terrible lack of morals, I am sorry for their blatant disrespect towards the ones who’ve earned so much more respect then they are given. This is a flawed world inhabited by some truly disgusting behaviour.

To possess the will to keep fighting for the rights of those who only show you hatred is a truly selfless act of honor. To then lose you’re life for these people, to maintain their freedoms, is beyond brave. For all those encounters you had with the ones who showed only spite towards you, I am truly sorry. For all the times you felt more hatred than love, I am truly devastated. Thank you for making the sacrifice anyhow, thank you for fighting to instill the rights we are given everyday. Thank you for your many acts of valor.

With respect and honor,



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