Photographers and videographers,

One click and you capture a moment… not just a moment, a memory. A memory of that moment they found out they were having a girl, or when he saw her in that white dress for the first time. A moment when, despite the tears, life was beautiful. Some strive to capture the right moments, while others just know when the lighting is perfect, and the people look gorgeous, and it’s just the right time. However gifted you are behind the camera though, you have to know your audience and know them well. 

Capturing someone can bring up alot of emotion: either they see that double chin of theirs all too well, or they see the flawless background. Either they cry at the beauty, or cringe at the flaws they find. Everyone is different, so this requires alot of knowledge of who you’re focusing on. 

With all the hype a photo or video can get, it’s as if the world finds more importance in the remembrance of an occasion, instead of the actual event. Instead of living life normally in front of a camera, you put on a mask of what you hope people will see you as. Instead of embracing your odd ways, chances are, you plaster on that smile, tilt your head a bit, and make sure the camera sees you a certain way, like it’s going to judge you. That’s why candids are so much more expressive of who the subject is than anything else you could capture. It’s taking the mask off for a minute, and really seeing someone for who they are, flaws and all. 

In videography, it’s common to hear light music in the background. Instead of the clanking of forks to plates, or loud hits of laughter, you hear soft music.. another indication that this is fake, made to look better than the reality. And there’s nothing wrong with replacing the sounds those forks make, in fact, go on and do so, but it’s sad to erase the beauty of a moment, just to make it less messy. 

In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to shoot a photo, but it takes alot to shoot it the right way for the right person. The trouble is, we all want to see different things in the same pictures. Some want that light to show off that fierce red hair of theirs, some want the right time, that captures a true moment of joy. Some want to look poised and flawless, while others embrace the messiness of said flaws. Photography and videography require knowledge of the people in front of you, despite the ideas of the ones behind the camera.. and that’s a tough displine to possess.

Props to you all,



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