Calvin and I went running a few days ago, and as soon as he wakes up, we’ll probably go again. As I got up today, though, my leg muscles hurt with every step. How do you do this to yourself? I want to be in shape, but geeze, I guess beauty really is pain.

To those who exercise for the mere enjoyment of it, insert applause here. I can do sit ups easily enough, but cardio just completely kills me. I feel like Michael Scott on that last part of his run for rabies, while you all are looking like Toby Flenderson in all his first place glory. I wonder how it’s possible to get to that ridiculously in shape to the point that you feel great during a run, not just after it.

Then there’s all those people you see, running perfectly in time with each other, maybe even pushing a a stroller as they do so. The woman’s hair is doing that thing where her ponytail perfectly sways from one side to another as she runs. The guy just looks super relaxed, maybe even talking or laughing as he jogs. That’s my goal..  I want to be able to run, and talk at the same time without losing my breath and falling over dead from lack of oxygen. Is that too much to ask?

I had it in my mind that we would go running yesterday night after Calvin got home, but we decided to eat ice cream instead #thestruggleisreal. But in all honestly, what terrible place is this where chocolate cake tastes great but makes you gain 20 pounds just by looking at it? And leave it to me to eat asparagus, or bell peppers, or carrots, and STILL gain weight from that. 

There’s also the whole thing about correct posture when you run. Don’t even get me started on that… for those who have seen me run, I’m truly sorry. To you who haven’t seen me run, it’s like a mix between Pheobe Buffet’s technique and a Steve Urkle walk… it’s not good. 

Despite all the pain of the run, and the disturbing aftermath it has on my face, I guess it is good exercise, and I keep telling myself I want to get in shape, so I’m not letting myself be held back from that. 

Maybe someday, I’ll be like you all,

Until then,



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