Dear Aunt Melanee,

Growing up with three older brothers couldn’t have been easy, especially since they were all fairly crazy. (minus my dad- I’m sure that’s what I’m supposed to say) You, of course, have tried telling me time and time again that your brothers are the insane ones in the family, and that you are not. I sort of believe this, but it’s fun to tell you otherwise and watch you go a bit berserk.

I remember hearing about how obsessed grandma Doloris was with that red hair of yours, claiming you got it from her, and you fighting back with a claim that she got hers from a box. Family gatherings always mean someone arguing with another about something. Usually, it’s you or uncle Neil, about something ridiculously unimportant. (Cough, cough, marshmallows are best with they’re brown, not burnt) You are one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met, so I am pretty certain we’re related. It’s that darn Norwegian heritage… Or at least, that’s my excuse.

Aside from your red hair and willful ways, you have a ton of other qualities that make you, you. I’m always greeted by that laugh of yours and a hug: It’s like your signature greeting. You’re a humorous character by nature, and it blends well into your welcoming personality. You have a way of being tough and stubborn, while also knowing when to tone that down and just have a good laugh or two. And, of course, you’ve got a husband that possesses the same trait of humour as you. And I guess now, you have a dog that seems to understand comedy. Felix’s adventures are written or shown on Facebook alot, so I’d say that proves his odd ways to be ones of hilarity.

You’re also a great cook. When Christmas time rolls around, and I see that Lefse on the counter at my parents house, I know it means that grandma and you spent a day baking. You inherited the cooking gene when you were the only girl in a family full of boys for grandma to bake with. Luckily, she has someone to teach those family recipes to, it’d be a waste to lose out on such delicious food. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the homemade fudge, kringla, and lefse to devour. 

Growing up with Kim and Travis left alot of memories. Easter egg hunts in grandma’s back yard, camping trips with golfing injuries, and family get togethers around the fire or playing baseball on that old farm. These are memories that wouldn’t be the same without my wonderful aunt and her two kids. Growing up would have been an absolute bore without cousins to grow up with. You were my favorite aunt, for your relaxed nature, your joking habits, and how much fun it was to have your family around. True, we no longer take camping trips together, you don’t babysit Jessica and I anymore (thank the Lord), and we don’t really see you all as often as we did back then, but memories remain. And those memories were some of my favorite experiences as a kid. Thank you for being a part of them.

Much love,



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