Dear moms,

Dirty diapers, midnight tantrums, spots on the carpet from where the marker was used, spit up, drool, runny noses, and dirty hands touching everything in sight. These are only a few of the less-than-wonderful things you all experience at some point in your kids life. Although I’m not a mom yet, I’ve witnessed alot of what your kids can put you through, and it’s alot. 

I’ve been in a room with 15, 2-3 year olds running around, only joined by one other adult: I’ve seen things. I’ve seen a kid start peeing in the corner, a little girl go on a hitting spree with a plastic frying pan, countless kiddos trying to eat the plastic fruit from that kitchen set. I’ve seen a little one eating while his nose was running onto his food, I’ve seen kids sticking their hands into their diapers and then try reaching for something with that same hand. If I’ve witnessed that much and more in the 3 hours I’d spend with them on Sundays, being their teacher, than I’d say motherhood is the most difficult of all jobs. 

They call it the terrible 2s when your kid is old enough to run around, scream, and say “no,” but not old enough to understand that dirt should not be eaten, the rabid squirrel is not a friend, and constant screams put alot of pressure on eardrums.  Kids know how to push all their parents buttons. But throughout all these terrible habits, a parent still loves their kids, and kids, although they may not show it, love their parents. It’s one of the reasons they cry when you drop them of at childcare for the first 100 days or so. It’s why, when they see you after, they immediately run to you. It’s why they pick you dandelions, and give you drawings that look like the crayon exploded. It’s just their way of showing their love.

Most mothers today also have to work jobs in order to provide for their kids. It didn’t used to be this way, but with the damage done to the economy, they really don’t have much of a choice. It’s hard enough to find a job when your schedule is fairly open, but then you have to consider your kids, and the job hunt is nearly impossible. Between having time off to raise them, and working enough hours to provide, it’s like trying to find the needle in the haystack. Don’t even get me started on single parenting… It’s a completely different ballpark. 

I respect those of you out there who can call yourself a mom. You sacrifice so much time and energy on someone else’s life, even when you may not have time for yourself. You understand time management and multitasking better then any graduate, despite the fact that interviewers don’t count motherhood as a boost in your experience. You fight hard for your kids, sometimes for no reward, you make tough decisions for your kids well being. You get looked down on, if you don’t have everything perfectly together, by people who don’t know the first thing about sacrifice. Well done. For getting that baby dressed while watching the toddler’s every move. Well done. For getting up at 7 to make breakfast for the kid who kept you up all night. Well done. For just being a mom. For putting someone else’s life before your own, knowing their importance, and loving them despite all the chaos.

With alot of respect,



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