Dear Pooker and Pops,

On a Sunday evening, the sounds of laughter, kids playing, and alot of chatter fills your home. When Calvin first introduced me to all of the family, he told me about how hectic these gatherings could be, claiming to have the craziest of families. We’ve since agreed that my side is the more insane of the two, but we just see them all seperately most of the time. All hecticness aside though, it all makes a pretty wonderful family, Pooker and Pops, you’re at the head of this. 

You two are like the definition of what it looks like to grow old together. You both still crack clever jokes, host family gatherings, and clearly adore each other as well as the family you’ve created. When Calvin first introduced me to you two, you were both so very welcoming, still possessing that trait now.  You’re hard working, generous, kind, and caring. Your love for people is evident to all those around you, the word ‘stranger’ seemingly nonexsistant to your vocabulary. 

I’ve seen how the young kids in the family adore their grandparents. And I’ve witnessed your love for them, through tickles, pranks, gifts, and simply the way you interact with the little guys. It’s clear to see how much you love kids, and the title of ‘grandparent’ looks great on you. You also seem to have the best toys, seeing their faces light up when they get to ride on the tractors with one of their parents or many aunts and uncles.

I’ve watched you greet many different people as if they were friends, only to ask their names after your conversations had reached an end. To be that comfortable around unfamiliar people is a trait many wish they possessed, me being one of them. You both are so inspiring in many different ways. 

I’ve also witnessed your love for the Lord, explaining some of that love you have for people. When we gather together as a family, it is very rare, if not unheard of, to not pray the Lord’s prayer as a group before dinner is served, thanking the Lord before partaking of the food He provides. It is not uncommon to hear you talk about the Sunday morning services you’ve attended, hearing you rave about how well it was delivered, or how deep the message was. I see the love you have for the creator, and witness the love He gives you, being poured out to the people around you. You both have so much love in your hearts, and you so generously give it away.

I hope to someday have a relationship with Calvin, like you have with each other. It is clear that you’ve spent most of your lives side by side, working together. In hard times, in good times, in sickness, health, happiness, sorrow, you’ve done it all together. Your marriage is one of years in the making, therefore, it is stronger than most. You’ve built up your marriage together, fighting through the rough patches, embracing the good times, and depending on each other and the Lord to get you through every day. The loyality and dedication you have for one another does not come from only easy times. It is truly inspiring to witness a marriage like yours.

I’m sure you’ve had those days when it seemed easier to give up then to work it all out… All strong marriages have. I’m sure you’ve experienced those times when it seemed alot less challenging to only take yourself into account than to compromise again and again. I’m certain it took alot of prayer and commitment to make your marriage strong. God must have a firm grip on your relationship, knowing full well, just how much you can accomplish together, and He must have blessed your marriage. You both are fighters, strong in your commitment to each other, and to the Lord, and your marriage is a model to many. 

So thank you, for being a model of a great marriage, one to look up to. Thank you, for the love you’ve shown the people around you. Thank you for the commitment you have to the family. Thank you for the generosity you’ve shown. Thank you for instilling the love of God into the lives of your kids, and their kids, and so on. Thank you for the countless jokes, the wonderful meals, the warm hugs and bright smiles. Thank you for those Sunday nights, everyone crammed into your living room, eating and socializing as the kids play on the floor. Thank you for you hospitality, your love of family, and all the kindness and care you’ve displayed. It’s been 4 years since I’ve first come to know this family, 2 years since I’ve become part of it, and so many wonderful moments since then. So thank you for being wonderful grandparents despite the difference in bloodlines.

Much love,



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