Dear Scott,

(Since you said you were excited for your letter, here it is.)

I’m not exactly sure when it was that you truly felt like a brother. It may have been when you and Jessica got married, or when you had a foster kid together. Maybe it was before all of that: when you and Jessica got engaged, or when she first felt serious about you. Either way, here you are now, a part of the family. 

Right off the bat, I thought you were odd. You didn’t talk much, as opposed to Jessica’s endless conversations about everything all at once. You had a lot of different beliefs, which we only really found out once you did start talking. And you didn’t seem to like the family much, minus Jessica and chase of course. But all that’s changed. You now talk a lot, your opinions have evolved for the better, and you seem to enjoy being a part of the family. You have also come to know and love the Lord, and it is very evident in the way you live your life.

I think that’s one of your strongest traits really: the ability you have to shamelessly talk about God with just about anyone. I remember one day, a few summers back, Jessica and I were picking you up from the mall. You were supposed to meet someone there, but plans fell through, and you made your own fun: talking to someone about God. You didn’t know the guy, just someone you happened to run into and strike up a conversation with. I’m not sure how you did it so easily, but you two talked about faith for a half an hour or so while you were waiting for a ride home. When you talked about it on the car ride home, it was impressive and humbling all at the same time. I think God uses you well for situations like that.

Aside from your heart for the Lord, you also have a heart for people. I’ve seen you stick up for Jessica in so many curricumstances these past few years, that it’s clear you are a family man. I’ve seen you call out people who have a problem with her, or even the kids you’ve helped raise, easily. You have this way of protecting people, even if it puts you in an awkward situation. When my dad asked you to take care of his daughter right before the wedding, and in front of all your guests, it’s clear you took that demand seriously. You are a great leader for your family. Even when you may not appear to be courageous, you are. So thank you, for being the spouse my sister deserves.

You also have a humorous side. One of the first things I remember you saying to me was a line from star wars. It was one of Yoda’s lines, and you said it just like him, the ‘mmm’ at the end and all. You’ve helped fill the room with laughter so many times, I can’t keep track. Whether it was crawling on the floor with that 2 year old, making him crack up, or joking with dad, your funny bone has appeared in many situations.

Thank you for being your bold, funny, God loving self. You are a great addition to the family, and a wonderful big brother. I’m so happy Jessica has you by her side for all the journeys you will take together. I’m excited to see just what God has planned for your future. Whether it’s a move to another city, a start to a big family of our own, a mission in another country… you’ll do it all well, as long as you keep God at the center.

Thanks for everything you are for this family.

Much love,

Your sister


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