Dear doggos and puppers,

I am constantly telling myself to lose weigh… To eat better food, exercise more, the list goes on. But you all can pull off being chunky so darn well. In fact, sometimes it’s the extra weight that makes you even more adorable. WHY MUST YOU BE SO CUTE?

The lack of canine woofs and sounds of your little paws walking through this house of ours is the worst. I am so jealous of people with dogs, cause they have causes for happiness constantly in front of their faces.  Sometimes, I’ll see posts about lost dogs being found on social media sights, and it takes everything in me to not call the number and be like, “hey, yeah. That’s my dog.” Some may say that’s what dogknappers might do, I say I’m just helping out the person who found them. Taking the little guy off the hands of someone who doesn’t want them. And don’t even get me started on what it’d be like if I found a lost dog… he’d probably like our house better anyway. 

I’m kidding, of course. Sadly, I’d still try and find the owner, or leave the dog at the concerned citizen’s house. But I still like to think about it. I just hope your owners that lost you, love you as much as I would. If you all weren’t so expensive to adopt, I’d be making constant visits to the pound. Which makes me wonder… WHY are you so expensive anyway? I mean I get the pound has to feed you and everything, but the sooner they get you adopted, the less they’d have to spend to feed you… And they didn’t buy all of you themselves. I’ve seen those trucks… somehow it’s ok for a business that wants to euthanize the pets- or make a quick buck off of them- to take them off the street and bring them to a shelter of terror. And yet, when I do the same, and take them to a home that wants them, and not the profits, it’s somehow unacceptable. Rude.

Maybe someday I’ll finally have a doggo again. Maybe I’ll have 10. Or 20. Maybe it’ll be a corgi. Or a pug. Or a husky, a German shepherd, a Boston terror, a Shiba, a bernese mountain dog, a blue heeler, a golden retriever…. Maybe it’ll be round and small, or lean and tall. Maybe it’ll be a cuddler, or an exercise psycho. Either way, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Much love, bones, and dog biscuits,



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