Dear W,

A family isn’t meant to have to say goodbye to someone so young. For about a year after you’d left, I think we were all still somewhat devastated. One day, this bright young bubbly boy was part of the family, the next, he was gone. You now have another family: maybe a couple of siblings, or a dog. Either way, I pray you’re still that happy little boy we all came to know. 

When I first met you, you were in a puffy jacket, secured into a car seat with a grin on your face as I hopped into the seat beside you. You were still at that cooing stage, where you didn’t know about the words yet, but you had all the sounds down.  When I last saw you, you had grown, found a few words, and seemed happier than the day you came into our lives.  It took 6 months to lose you, but longer to let you go. 

Your birth mom didn’t seem interested in knowing you at all… your grandma was more of your provider and caretaker than her, and the only one who would visit whenever possible. I’ve heard that you may be in her care now, and I pray you’re treated well. That the smile on your face is still evident, and the heart you poccess is still kind.

One of the first times I held you, you were finicky. We were waiting to eat, so I assume it was the hunger. As you sat on my lap, I guess you couldn’t wait to eat, cause you ended up chomping down on my chin. I was shocked to say the least, that a chin could look so appetizing, and although the bite hurt, I couldn’t help but laugh. Fortunately, you never tried to bite me again. 

You were young when I knew you as a nephew, and so, as I picture you now, you are still young. I still imagine the 2 year old from all those many memories- the trips to the park, the love you had for disgusting combinations of food, the times I’d watch you, or put you down for a nap- but I guess by now you’d be about 5. It’s hard to picture you at that age, and as someone else’s kid, but you’re there nonetheless. I pray God’s love surrounds you in this place, and that you feel His presence in your life. 

As you grow up without me, and become older with the days, I pray you have love surrounding you, and a family you’re a part of. I pray they cherish you the way we all did, and grow with you. I pray you never feel alone or unloved, because even the ones you don’t remember, have love for you. With every step you take in life, I pray for Him to guide you through it. 

Much love from the family you used to know,



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