You who were there for me,

There’s something special about the bond you create when you live with a friend. It’s more than just an average friendship, they become like a relative/friend hybrid. They’re there for you when you’re down in the dumps. They’re beside you, to join in your successes. They laugh with you, cry with you, spend time with you, and do life with you.  They make where they are, your home. 

I’ve had the blessing of these friendships many times before. They all came with different experiences, and in different times in my life, but they were all blessings nonetheless.

Growing up, my family had exchanged students. One, a Swedish red head who became a big sister. Like most siblings, she was not afraid to hurt my feelings, or yell at me when the opportunity came. But she was also there to support us when either my sister or I were going through difficult things. She was there to yell at the principal on my sisters behalf, when he accused Jessica of a hit and run: she made him cry, and then apologize… not everyone is that comfortable putting an authority figure in their place. She was fierce, but kind; something that makes her a great mom to her little one now.

The next year, we had a German girl who was very prone to injuring herself. It seemed like we made more trips to the ER then anywhere else that year. But, through all the injuries, she never stopped running back to the court, or field, or pool… a determination and love of all sports that not everyone poccessed. She was also very loyal to her friends, spending time with them whenever possible. 

Our Indonesian became a part of the family a year later. He was everyone’s best friend… amicable and personable, everyone was instantly drawn to him. He and I would fight over petty things, but we shared a love for the arts. The Wizard of Oz was one of the experiences we shared… He played a flying monkey quite well. Washington had snow that year, and he was like a kid at Christmas. “Melissa, take a picture of me in the snow,” he ran out the door one day, instead I locked the him out of the house for about 15 minutes. By the time he came back inside, he was a mixture of angered and annoyed, it was funny nonetheless.

I left the state for college after high school, leaving behind a community of friends and family. It was there that I met some of the greatest friends I’ve had. My roommate was one of them. A Nursing a major, she had a sweet disposition, and an outgoing personality. She would study in a pair of scrubs while binge watching episodes of HIMYM, parks and rec, and the office. I got to know her family that year, and her really cute dogs. She’s now kicking butt as a nurse, and I couldn’t be prouder.

I had a great collection of dormmates, and floormates, that I grew close to that year: my cousin and her roommate, some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. The three of us would have dinner together every Wednesday night: sometimes walking to the cafeteria together, sometimes buying groceries for a picnic. When they weren’t tied to their textbooks, we’d have tea parties and talk about childhood pastimes.  One will be getting married now, and she’ll be a beautiful bride. I love and miss them both.

“IT’S GONNA BE EW.” We were going to room together for sophomore year, but neither of us came back to campus after summer break. She and I met during music theory class our freshman year of college. She was quiet, and didn’t feel comfortable in front of the class, so I was surprised to find out that if you talked to her one on one, or even with friends, she was quite the chatter box.  We spent much of that year trekking down to critter cabana to play with the puppies, singing showetunes to pass the time. We bonded over our hatred for weak Oregon coffee, and our love of animals, Broadway, and beauty and the beast. My best friend just moved back down to Oregon to attend George Fox again. She’s going to be the greatest vet this world has ever seen. 

I’ve had so many wonderful people in my life thus far. 

An R.A, who was always there to talk or goof off. 

A friendly brunette, with which I shared an odd friendship.

A blonde, with a beautiful singing voice and a gorgeous soul.

A history buff, who was always up for a game or long talks about music.

A guy with bad ears, who always had a French press handy, and a calm demeanor.

All these marvelous memories.

To all you wonderful people, I say thanks. Thank you for giving me support through the rough times, encouragement through the trials, and laughter along this entire journey we call life. I am blessed have been able to call you family at one point or another, despite our bloodlines. 

Much love and appreciation,



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